Throne of Glass Series

Sarah J. Maas

I wanted to wait to post about this series until I was completely done with it. Talking about each individual book seemed like a lot and it would be a lot of “I LOVE ITS.” But it’s true…full disclosure I loved this series so much. It has easily taken up the number spot of the BEST books I have read in a real long while.

“He was hers and she was his and they had found each other across centuries of bloodshed and loss, across oceans and kingdoms and war.”

Empire of Storms

The world building on it’s own deserves a HUGE round of applause. Erilea is where our story takes place and within Erilea we have so many different people and different kingdoms. Maas creates such details and describes everything that it feels like you are actually taking a grand tour of this place.

The Story

If you know Sarah J. Maas you know there is going to be one amazingly strong female. Our main character is an assassin who goes on this huge adventure where she faces her past and starts thinking about how to confront her future. She learns so much on the way and her wittiness and sass just entertained me all throughout the way. She is one the best female characters I have encountered in a really long while. There is so much entwining in this story that it’s difficult to pinpoint that there is just one plot. It spins off so many times and when it all comes together it leaves the reader absolutely breathless. Every question has an answer and every problem ends up resolved. By the end of the last book I was relentlessly sobbing because I truly just didn’t want to let go.

“[She] had promised herself, months and months ago, that she would not pretend to be anything but what she was. She had crawled through darkness and blood and despair-she had survived.”

Empire of Storms


I loved every single character in this book. I loved to hate all the villains *cough cough* Arobynn Hamil. I loved all the love interests and there were even characters that I thought I hated and wanted to completely throw **CHAOL**. The development of each character is so carefully planned that we don’t want to let go and I found myself being so emotionally invested in everyone. While it may seem like there’s maybe a few characters…NO. There are so many players in this series and each of them have their unique plot and development. It got overwhelming by the third book, but Maas made it work somehow and I just found myself invested. Now of course there is my favorite angel love interest ROWAN. He’s just amazing; Maas knows how to write a really good romance and how to make us wanting so much more.

This series is truly one heck of a ride that everyone needs to embark on. It was sad that I didn’t even realize this series existed until I actually had it thrown in my face on social media. Full disclosure my favorite books were Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms. If you love a fantastical adventure with steamy and sweet romance this is definitely the series that needs to be read front and center.

“Hers was not a story of darkness. This would not be the story. She would fold it into herself, this place, this fear, but it would not be the whole story. It would not be her story.”

Kingdom of Ash

2 thoughts on “Throne of Glass Series

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Chaol broke my heart and I could never look at him the same way. I completely adore Rowan. He’s currently at the top of my list of leading heroes. When I finished, I continued to reread my favorite parts. This series left me shook…

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