Where Do You Get Your Book Recommendations

So, I’ve been a huge user of Goodreads and that’s where I log all the books I read and I look around and get some reviews. However, Goodreads I feel is dying and there are not a lot of people giving out any reccommendations. Then I decided to join Tik Tok like every 13 year old in the world. I was so surprised!! There’s this hashtag called “booktok” and you have so many avid readers giving so many different book reccomendations, books for different tropes, different genres, and even different moods. I’m absolutely obsessed and now I will be soley on Tik Tok getting new book reccomendations everyday LOL.

Some Tik Tok accounts to follow:


A mix of book porn, reading recommendations, sign language, recipes, and more. She has a stunning personal library, which includes Harry POtter paraphernalia and lots of hardcovers to feast your eyes on.


With three Ms in her username, this user’s simple bio reads, “i make better bookish content on youtube.” Maybe so, but her bookish Tik Tok is pretty good, too! The gist of the account is “TikTok mems, but make it books.” And it rules.


Some high school students have all the luck. This bio proudly identifies as the “Official Account of Great Valley High School Library.” Miss Bogan, the account’s manager, shares library porn and brings the memes. We feel you, Miss Bogan.

Comment below and tell me what you use for lots and lots of bookish content! BookTube, Bookstagram, or Booklr?!

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