The Wish Collector by Mia Sheridan

So…this book starts like a riddle and it’s intriguingly complicated. For me, it starts like the “Devil’s Advocate” movie. Jonah has to make a decision and deep down he knows it will be the wrong decision, but he is too cocky to refuse it.

“You’re choosing a path here, Jonah. But he’d already chosen it. There was nothing to be done now.”

Then there is a bit of New Orleans magic, mystery, and legends.

“Do you know why it’s called the weeping wall? It’s said that the wall weeps tears for the heartbreak and tragedy that came to pass behind it, for the spirits still trapped within.”

Then the story feels a bit like the Phantom of the Opera. A man hiding his face in the shadow watches the young artist.

“Movement in the back of the theatre caught her eye and she stumbled slightly, catching herself and glancing at Madame Fournier who, thank the heavens, was looking in a different location. A man—she could only make out his tall outline—stepped around the corner.”

Then there is a Beauty and the Beast aspect with the garden and the roses and the curse. Then, there is this huge dramatic twist where everything transforms into a conspiracy corrupted game with dark undertones.

“He’d been used. Lied to. He’d been a pawn and he’d played straight into their hands.” A beautiful melancholic book with the right amount of angst, romance, mystery, daydreaming, redemption, and true love that cannot be seized by lies, time or death.

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